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A couple of weeks ago, I posed a challenge to myself:  create a short story every week and publish it on the internet.  Initially, I chose a platform called Medium to do this, but this comes with some pitfalls:

1. Medium allows a limited amount of views for free accounts.  This means that the eyes on this platform are quite limited. 

2. The website's algorithm seems to favor self-help articles far more than any other topic.  


After some experimentation and research, I've decided that I'm going to mirror the content here in this blog.  Of course, any suggestions for a proper hosting platform are welcome. That being said, how's it going?  Sorry for being away for a bit.  I'm trying to be more visible on the internet and have been tweeting a lot more (Twitter @MadZoob).  New posts will be up shortly.  The swamp grows.


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